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"Super Writer • Super Woman" 

Sandra Shillington

For over 20 years, Sandra has harnessed her copywriting superpowers to help companies: 

• Eliminate confusion
• Connect with customers
• Create clear messaging

Although she's worked with large corporations such as Medtronic, Suzuki, Chase Bank, and K-12, she especially loves helping entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses with their web content, blog posts and video content. Sandra's experience spans multiple industries including, real estate, financial, medical, law, corporate relocation, lending, and many more. 

To learn more about Sandra's writing services, visit her website.

Sandra is also the author of multiple Amazon bestselling books. After self-publishing her first book in 2010, she's been an ardent learner of all things Kindle Direct Publishing and loves helping entrepreneurs profitably self publish through her Guided Writer Self-Publishing Course.

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